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      Just turning 35, and for my birthday I was diagnosed with this crappy eye disease. Also, I am getting the RAI treatment next Monday, after being on Tapizole since I was diagnosed with Graves in June. The eye symptoms so far are red, puffy eyes, trouble looking up, and bags beneath my eyes. So, far, my treatment only consists of artif. tears, but I may go on Prednisone prior to the RAI. I must say, this seems like a curse, but I’m trying to stay positive. My questions for the group are as follows:

      -I’m into outdoor activities that lead to wind in my face (biking, golf, rollerblading, kayaking, etc), any suggestions for protecting my eyes?
      -Anyone know any good eye doctors that specialize in TED in the Phila. area?
      -Anyone have comments on the eye radiation therapy?
      -How tough will it be to meet the future Mrs. Mike615 with TED? Any suggestions on what to tell say when she looks into my eyes, and says: “What’s the deal with your eyes?”
      -Any guys have experience with the RAI, and weight problems? I’m into working out and staying thin, and want to stay that way.
      -Any tips on minimizing the bags under the eyes? It’s no fun to look hungover when you’re not!

      Thanks for the responses. Reading the comments here have already proved helpful

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