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      Hi Jake!
      I just had to drop you a line after talking to you tonight on the phone. It was SO NICE to talk to you and it meant the world to me that you called when you did. I feel so out of touch with the group these days, tho’ I check the postings almost daily…Sometimes I can’t even get to my computer after work and all the evening chores. But my heart is with you all and I’ll be a member for life. I can’t believe how many are coming to this site, compared to when I first began last June. Amazing growth and development. You should be proud, Jake. What a trememdous service you helped to provide to so many. I still can’t believe how many people are afflicted with Grave’s disease, and in such variable degrees. As a professional in the medical profession, I must profess my own ignorance regarding this disease. NOW I KNOW. We on this BB all know, don’t we? Jake, let me know how the results turn out from your stress test. I, too, worry about the condition of my heart after all this…I have weird beats sometimes still. Thanks again for remembering me and for your excellent follow-up skills. I love you, Jake, for what you have contributed with your own story as well as for connecting us all up to share our stories with Grave’s. Take care of yourself…and yourselves…

      Love, Rachel

      P.S. Special regards also to Debby Jass, Bruce (of course…), Dianne N., Nancy P….all you old regulars…:0))) See you in CHAT soon…

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