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      Hi all!

      What happened to support-group’s pages??? I kept checking and checking…
      At any rate, glad to be back. I joined the bb just before that all happened.
      I was in the process of writing people back in their responses to me. I
      tried to post them and got a weird error and then crash! I will try to get
      caught up on my replies to all of you again. I am at work right now. I
      usually post from home, so I will wait until then.

      Update on me: 1 week and 5 days ago I started on 20 mg of Tapazole after
      weaning my now 13 month old daughter. I definately feel a little better
      in my general, overall health. I am not such a bitch to be around, I feel
      more relaxed and calm, and I am able to concentrate much better. I have
      an endo appointment Friday. I am assuming they will draw blood to check
      on the progress of the Tapazole. Overall, I am very optimistic about all
      of this so far.

      Best wishes to all of you in the fight…
      More from me later.


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