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      I, too, gained weight when hyperthyroid. I was starving
      all the time, and tried to eat healthy things throughout
      the day. I also thought it might have been due to my heart
      racing and blood pressure being so high. After RAI, I dropped
      weight right away. Then when I was allowed to go very hypothyroid
      I gained again–more than before. For two years while trying to
      get docs to believe I needed more thyroid replacement, I had an
      awful time with the added weight. Total, I gained about 40 pounds.
      Just recently, while eating VERY healthy and watching my intake, I’ve
      been able to lose 45 pounds. I finally feel like my thyroid hormones
      are in balance. I’m not exhausted all the time, nor am I shaky
      and hyper. I DO get freezing cold when everyone around me is fine
      or even too warm. My hair was falling out big time for the last
      year or so. Seems to have slowed down a little lately. I take
      .150 replacement now. I’m lucky to have a doc who let’s me determine
      just how much feels right. My TSH is on the low side, but in the
      normal range.

      I’ve had horrible trouble with Grave’s eye problems since being allowed
      to go so hypo. The weight loss seems to have helped some with the
      puffiness going down a little. But even now, some days I wake up
      with what must be water/edema in my face–especially my eyes. I look
      like a frog! Within a day or two, it settles down some. I’ve dealt
      with proptosis, double vision, eye pressure/pain, constricted eye muscles
      –which I had injections of BOTOX into the muscles to treat–worked
      great. It relaxed the constricted muscles so the others could stretch
      them. Lasted a few months. Now I have fairly normal eye movement.
      Just a little double vision when I look down or to the left. Much
      better than eye pain every time I looked up (like driving and looking
      in the rear-view mirror).

      Enough! For someone who rarely participates in this bulletin board,
      I’ve gone on long enough. Thanks again for listening!

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