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      Hi All!

      I just get so down when reading all the posts and that people are feeling so ick with GD. I am sorry you guys aren’t feeling better.

      I have been on my 300mg of PTU for almost a week and I feel, well ~

      Being pg and taking meds was a scary combo for me but I really do feel better. My pulse is still high but not a constant 125/min anymore. I’ll keep you posted. Sorry I won’t be on here that much, it is just too depressing to see how debilitating this disease can come if your body can’t fight in conjunction with the PTU.

      Again, I hope you all have a better week, even with the flu season and the brrrr cold weather.

      11wks3days pregnant

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        Hi Everyone,
        As you know i’ve started my meds, carbimazole and a beta blocker ( atenolol)
        I just wanted to let you all know that i am starting to feel much better. I am not racing around but i can do house work and the shopping in one day now without extreme fatique and that is wonderful.
        The doc upped my beta blockers dosage after reading my notes and the palpitations have slowed right down.
        I’m not saying everyone should try that, its best to ask your doctor, mine saw me straight away when i asked to have my dosage reviewed.

        I joined a slimming club today to just watch what i eat ( put on loads being hyper) and had my hair cut. I feel there IS life after diagnosis just like you guys told me, thanks so much for being here in those horrid early days when i so needed help/advice/and support.

        I know its not over yet but i am on my way, and for any newcomers out there please believe you will get through this because you will feel better soon.

        I just feel lucky, my GD has helped me see so much more than everyday life.

        Pami Jane x

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          Hi Pami Jane,

          Good to hear you are starting to feel better. I haven’t been around on the board here for awhile because I’ve been feeling pretty good.

          But I’ve had a few questions due to the fact that I have been considering RAI just because of where I am in my life right now with personal situations and possible choices. Even though I am doing well on PTU I’m considering discussing with my doctor getting RAI to have done with the waiting for remission … and move on with my life.

          Sorry for getting off topic. I just wanted to say it is good to hear you are doing well and that I know what you mean about sort of feeling lucky to have Graves’ Disease. What I mean is since being as sick as I was only a few months ago when I was hit hard with Graves and very ‘hyper’, I really appreciate life more now and appreciate the ability to do just the simplest things SO much more.

          Graves’ can be treated and it was scary when I was diagnosed because I thought I would feel so sick for the rest of my life. Not so. I’m doing so much better than I had hoped for.

          Take care!


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            So glad that you are feeling better, I know that you were having a difficult time of it. Keep up the good work.

            Diane B On-Line Facilitator

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              Just wanted to drop a note about feeling much better. My level have become normal (if there is a true thing now). My endo has drop my Tapazole for the seconed time.

              Thought it was important to let people that are just finding out they have Graves, that there is light at the end of the tunnel on this.

              This board hads help me to understand and know what you can and can’t do, that the dr. never thinks to tell you.

              Thank you for all the information. I will contuine read this board, because it has come part of my life and my understand of things.


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                Just wanted to say I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. :-)

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