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      Why don’t you e-mail Jake and he can give you the answers to those important questions. He and I are always willing to give out the info we have in order to better someone else’s life.
      In case you don’t have his addie it is:

      Wishing you well!
      JAN, NGDF

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        It’s me again. I read one of the postings which said that someone had time off from work and another posting that explained how this person had problems being organized at work.
        Do you suggest that I take a few days off while I am feeling reallly incompetant.
        Is there any law against badgering an employee because of loss of short term memory and innability to be organized?
        Does Graves come under the “Americans With Disabilities Act” ?
        Is there some litterature out there for supervisors of Grave’s diseas people?
        My boss is becoming very belingerant and says that O am “digging my self in a deep hole” I think that he is very ready to fire me!! I am not incompetant and am prety much able to hold my own at work, I am just having problems with attention and being organized and remembering things.
        Will one of you please give me more information on how to deal with these mental (and emotional) problems at work?

        Thanks in advance

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          HI Paula
          I was wondering the same thing. I’m a homemaker but the hubby and I were having serious enough problems that I wondered <if I had to>who would hire me in the state<condition> I am in. I have a terrible time focusing, and my short term memory is shot. I have off and on headaches all the time, I shake and am a nervous wreck and my muscles dont seem to want to hold me up anymore. I”m so weak I dont know what I could possibly do. I would also like some info on graves disability. If you find out could you let me know? My meds arent really helping yet with the exception that my heart rate is better.
          Thanks and I wish you well,

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            I don’t know what kind of employment situation you have (sick leave & all that), but I thought I would share my experience. I am a teacher and have been at the same job for 14 years. During that time I had built up a ton of sick leave — to the point that I had been giving back days for about the past 3 years. This year I missed around 20 days of work–it would have been more, but the worst part for me was November & December so there were some built in vacations there. There were even 2 days I went in and ended up having to be driven home after about an hour. I was very candid with people at work about what was going on, and that seemed to help a lot. I printed out the FAQ page from the NGDF web site and shared it with my boss, etc. My experience was that everyone was extremely supportive, something for which I feel very blessed. A couple of months ago there was a group of us (including our District Administrator) having a conversation about the sort of things employers are or are not willing to say about employees regarding references, and the subject of attendance came up. I said that if I were looking for a new job and someone called him and asked about my attendance, would he tell them that I had missed 20 days of work this year, or would he voluntarily give the full picture–like that in the previous 13 years I had missed less than 20 days total! His response led me to believe that the longer someone was around and had built up a “good reputation” the more “supportive” he could be. I’m not sure if I think that is fair to newer employees, but I think it was probably pretty honest! I also think that in my situation, being very open about what was going on with me was a big help.


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