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      Hi Joanne
      I had RAI in November and I know just what you are
      going thru…..I feel better in a way but now the
      aches in my legs and hands have started. My memory is
      non-existent. I can hardly remember What I Had For
      I get so frustrated at times. I do not see my
      ENDO until January 18, so hope things get better
      before then. I am so stressed out over Christmas I could scream.
      I want everything to be perfect and I have no energy to make it so.
      It is like a catch 22.
      Sorry for rambling but sometimes you have to get it
      off your chest to someone who understands,
      Please feel free to dump any time you feel likeit.
      I am a great listener and understand exactly what is happening.
      Anyway for all of that Have a GREAT Christmas, and maybe things will be better in 97

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        Welcome back, Joann! It’s so nice to see you back on the BB! :) We missed you! It sounds like you’re hypo, but you probably have already guessed that. So, hopefully your blood work will show it, and your doctor will prescribe a thyroid replacement drug. It’s only a matter of time before your energy comes back and you start feeling better. I’m not lying! :) Hang in there!

        Happy Holidays! Debby

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          I had the RAI in September. Nobody told me it was gonna get this bad
          before it got better. It WILL get better I trust. Please tell me so even if
          you have to lie to me.
          I’m so tired all the time and memory — what’s that???
          Not to mention the aches. I also seem to have no strength in my hands —
          when they manage to stay awake. They and my feet sleep at will.
          Maybe its the cold — I’m that too and it has nothing to do with the climate
          in my area. I was NEVER a cold person and now I’m constantly freezing.
          Did I forget anything? What else is in store? I had bloodwork done today,
          won’t have results till end of week — Merry Xmas — yea right, if I can
          stay awake!
          Happy Holidays one and all. I’ll appreciate all responses — good and bad,
          I’m sure the best is yet to come, so please warn me. OK? Thanks!

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            I felt the same way you do. I lived in a very small town in Texas and had
            to drive 200 miles away for treatment. Well, two weeks after RAI, I felt like
            I could have hung the moon…..then I crashed! I felt very alone in it all.
            I was away at college and my friends and roomates thouhgt that I had gone nuts.
            You are not alone. We have pretty much all been there. It does get better. It
            is also a little different for everyone, for example, I am NEVER cold. Being too
            hot is no picknic either! Don’t do too much this season and take care of yourself.
            Merry Christmas…..Carolyn

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              Hi Joann, sorry to hear you’re having such a bad time of it, I posted a messsage th other day saying that as bad as I felt when I first got graves and was so hyperthyroid, I thought it was worse after RAI and I went hypo. Do you really want to know what else could happen? Are you sure about that? I’m going to assume you are because I felt the same way. I thought I would get better right away. Instead I gained about 20 pounds and lost 50% of my hair. My periods were very heavy, I had no memory and no energy. My legs didn’t want to support me some of the times, and I was depressed..although who wouldn’t be. The GOOD news is that it does pass! You need to remember that. And remember too that it’s different for everyone! For instance, when I first got sick I actually gained weight. They tell me only a small percentage of people do that. And my eyes have never bulged out…knock on wood…So my point is that we can tell you what might happen, but it doesn’t mean that it will to you. Hopefully this will be the worst of it for you. Keep your spirits up cuz it will get better, and remember you aren’t alone in this. We’ve all been there. Merry Christmas! Trish

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                Merry Christmas to everyone!
                Joann, Lynne hi! Yep, being hypo has been the worst for me too. It’s been 2 1/2 months since I started synthroid, and I still feel like a puffy hypo slug. I’m one of those who had a RAI dose that partially destroyed the thyroid. This makes the whole process slower (it’s been six months since RAI). Trish, I hope you get your dose raised, as I think it could certainly be why you don’t feel well yet. I understand it takes six months or so after you’re stabilized to really be well, as the thyroid imbalance plays havoc with all body tissues. My son told me last night I am shedding. I guess I knew it, as the bathtub drain is full of hair every time. Dang, I was just trying to grow it! Bruce, I really hope your tests show something this time that helps. DonnaN, glad you’re feeling okay, am hoping you get your remission (you too, Karen B). Jake, I’ll get your email address changed to Nancy, welcome back! Rachel, tell us how well you’re doing, for encouragement. Love to all! Dianne N

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                  Merry Christmas!!! Thanks for the words of encouragement. I really needed them today.

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