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      My undiagnosed GD had me in an emotional, constant-PMS-like state for just over a year. At one point, my neighbor came into my house as I stood in the kitchen. I took one look at her and started BAWLING like an injured child! And a moment before I had been (relatively) fine. Gut-wretching sobs wouldn’t stop! She finally just took my kid and left. No loss of control in MY family! (joke…)

      It’s been five weeks since my RAI. Within days I noticed wonderful positive changes. Today I feel like my old self; normal. I have REGULAR highs and lows. My heart palpitations, and fits of rage are gone. And sometimes I just sit and feel unadulterated, pure joy; great pleasure about my life, and those in it. That, I hadn’t felt in over a year.

      The thing that caught me most unaware RE: RAI, is that I was quarantined for three days after the treatment. I have a three year old, and the neighbor kids that we see most often are newborn, and 2-1/2. It was more that suggested that there be very limited to no, contact with them; and that I go nowhere near “anyone of child-bearing years for any length of time.” Hello! The techs were very helpful during treatment; but failed to forewarn me of the exact extent of my contact with people for three days prior. I was notified only when I went in for my 15 minute RAI treatment.

      People treated me as if I had leprosy. No one would come NEAR me. I had a neighbor who needed to borrow eggs. She asked me for them over the fence, and when I brought them out to her, she made me put them down and walk into the house before she would come to the fence to pick them up! I thanked God for giving me that time of constructive rejection by my peers. It made me realize how lucky I am to NOT have a disease that makes people frightened to be near me always. It was sad and lonely for those three days; but I came out of it a much happier person, in multiple ways.

      PS: Fortunately, my son was able to be cared for by my neighbor for three days. She is also a stay at home mom, and we are like family. She was an absolute God-send. I kissed him good-bye when he got up in the morning, and he came home at bedtime. That was the hardest part; it was the most time we’ve spent apart since birth, and I MISSED HIM SO MUCH. I ached to hold him. I explained to him about my sickness, and at one point as he walked by the house going to a bbq, he looked at me and waved, saying, “Bye, Ma! I’ll see you when you’re feelin’ better, and your chemicals are gone!”

      I felt absolutely nothing from the RAI. Nothing. I would suggest getting the written info prior to your treatment about precautions to take after you ingest the RAI. This will help you better plan you time, not letting you be caught unaware. I wish you the greatest success with your RAI, as I feel I’ve had with mine. It gets so much better…

      God bless you!

        Post count: 93172

        Should be…”…extent of my contact with people for three days POST-treatment.”

          Post count: 93172

          Hi everyone. I’ve been an observer of this board over the past couple
          of weeks and have enjoyed and learned a lot. Thanks to those who
          responded to my initial post a couple weeks ago.

          I’m heading to a specialist on Monday to confirm the GD diagnosis and
          the RAI treatment. Assuming he agrees with my gp, I do the RAI next
          Tuesday. Anyone have any words of wisdom after going thru it?
          Anything to expect or to watch out for???

          Also, I can sympathize with Claude, Ceebee and anyone else who is
          going thru apathy and chest pains. My desk at work is sooo clean!
          I’ve done everything but what I’m supposed to do…I can’t concentrate
          on anything more than a few minutes at a time.

          Well, wish me luck next week. I, for one, can’t wait for these symptoms
          to get better. My roommates are about to go nuts, too. I went to the
          grocery store last night, got lost and started crying..yikes! Please
          tell me it gets better….

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