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      Well, I for one have been watching many news and health related shows since being diagnosed with Graves’ disease and I notice a real increase in public awareness! Also of note, many magazines have been carrying articles related to thyroid disease in the last year. Looks like the word is getting out at last. Thank Goodness!!!! Frustration is a big part of our disease, along with memory disturbances and mood swings. Naturally, others cannot possibly understand us when sometimes we don’t understand what’s going on ourselves. We need to cut them some slack or be willing to at least explain for the umteenth time why we are feeling and acting the way we are. I have alienated others by exploding in rages over what ends up being a nothing. Luckily for me, I work with and have understanding friends and family.
      People only die from Graves’ if they don’t get medical treatment for it and follow their doctor’s advice. I have been assured of this and also have done extensive reading on the subject. Graves’ disease is much more common than it used to be and there are several million that go undiagnosed yearly. I do believe that cancer and aids research outweighs thyroid research simply because these people die with their disease. At least ours is treatable and manageable. I thank God for that every day! How lucky we are! Worse things could be bestowed upon us, right?
      As for Tipper Gore, I was under the impression she had hashimotos and not Graves’? If I am mistaken, I hope someone can give us the info.

      Until Later,

        Post count: 93172

        Why is it that we have a way of getting this Disease out, and we don’t use it? Dateline is a very topical Television News disscussioner that can reveal the way we feel. I mean if there is anyone that can get this disease publisized, it would be someone on television…right? I don’t know about you all, but I’m TIRED OF DOCTORS, I’M TIRED OF PEOPLE THINKING I’M CRAZY…because of this damn disease. Tipper Gore was plagued by this disease, and still nothing. Doctors need to be informed,of what this disease is doing to us. Do you really think it is fair that people with cancer or AIDS have any more right to studys than us? I don’t understand this? Graves Disease has got to be the closest to cancer or AIDS than I’ve ever seen. I knew a woman that died 7 years after being diagnosed with Graves. I’m tired of fighting a losing battle. I want to fight to be ALIVE…I’m a very happy-go-lucky kind of person, I want to live life to the fullest; but the doctors and jerks I have to live with everyday really makes it hard to live…period. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way…please respond to
        I feel as though we have to get this message out, beyond where it is now. Thats what the “WORLD WIDE WEB” is about, right?
        (I know, I should’ve been a flower child) But I was born only in the seventies. – I’m 28.
        Love to all


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