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      Jake is a faithful warrior and encourager! He and Jan are giving, caring wonderful people.

      If you’ve got to have GD and cruise the web, at least you get to meet Jake & Jan. :-)


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        A very Zen type question.

        If Jake were to fall in the forest and no one was there to hear him whould
        he make a sound? Would anyone remember he fell a week later (including me).

        I have taken a break from the BB for a month or so. Had a major panic attack
        and was stressed out. Needed to cut back some so others have been taking care
        of the BB for awhile. I facilitate this BB as does my wife Jan. I also run
        a support group in Melbourne Fl, work two jobs, am a Scoutmaster and Assistant
        District Commissioner for the Boy Scouts. I also have just picked up being the
        webmaster for the NGDF site and will pick up the responsibilities for this board
        on the server. I also answer all the e-mails for the NGDF and many phone calls.

        Who is Jake, a very Zen question

        Jake is a guy who does not know how to slow down until he is in the hospital for
        overdoing it. Jake is taking some time to get his batteries recharged. Only
        working 65 hours a week now. Jan does the lion’s share lately on the BB and
        chat. Thank you Ladybug!!

        There once was a man named Jake
        He had Graves and he would Shake
        A voice from within
        Said you can beat this and win

        Jake Said with regret
        I will only forget
        What started this poem to begin

        Live well, Love much and Grandfather’s blessings

        Jake (Achgook) George
        On-line Facilitator,
        National Graves Disease Foundation

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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