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      Was it Steve who asked about double vision and prisms? After all my surgeries, I stll have a small amount of double vision. My one want was to once again wear contact lenses. My doctor hadn’t heard of putting a prism in contacts,but was willing to see how it worked. I am thrilled.
      the contact with the prism has a flat edge to it, which stays at the bottom edge of my eyelid. Does that make sense? More info available if anyone needs it. Susan C.

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        You can see the press on prisms but not the ground in ones. They do take some
        getting used to but better than aiming for the middle lane of a three lane road.
        I have bad double vision with my glasses of but am fine with them on. Just slight
        DDDVVV looking to the right.


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          This double vision is really getting to me. In previous posts several of you have mentioned having “prisms” ground into your glasses to improve double vision. Is this something you can get even if you don’t wear prescription glasses? I see my opthalmologist tomorrow and would like to ask him about these but sometimes the only advice he wants to give me is to “be patient”. I am so sick of those words. Thanks!


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            Sure, Prisms let the eye see straight by refracting where the eye is looking.
            Kind of looking into water. The prism bends the light. So if you eye looks
            inward it makes it seem like it is looking forwad even though it is not. You
            can have prisms put into no prescription glass. They want to try a Frunell
            press on prism for the time being if it is likely to change.


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              Hi Dawna, If your Ophthalmologist doesn’t help you with the double vision stuff, You may want to find a Strabismus doctor the specializes in that field.

              When I was ready to do something about my double vision, I was fortunate in that a Strabismus doctor had just joined the group of eye docs I use and they set me right up with an appt.

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                Hi Jake,
                I’m new here. This my first message attempt.
                I don’t know if I am configured properly.
                Anyway, my wife and I both have had Graves Disease.
                She had it about six years ago.
                I first displayed symptoms about three years ago.
                She had RAI after toughing it out for a year under the “care”
                of a GP. She is now doing pretty good after several dosage adjustments
                on her Synthroid.
                I did the Tapazole route for 15 months, then had bulging eyes and
                doulble vision, so opted for RAI at the recommendation of our Endo.
                Had RAI in Feb. 96 and again in Aug.96. Finally went hypo in Setp.96.
                Have been on .125 thyroxin (levoxyl) since then. Am doing much better,
                but still have double vision tendencies, though that too seems to be slowly
                getting better. My opthomologist didn’t mention anything about prisms.
                I have been wearing patches on one eye at a time. This gets comments.
                Are these stick-on prism generally available? I haven’t seen the opto
                for about a year since he didn’t know much about grave’s eye problems.
                Should I ask him or try to see someone else?

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