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      Well the first rule of thumb is avoid those long hard looks in the mirror specially after some of those situations….hey i didnt go to my 25 yr reunion but have run into a few of those cheerleaders, etc. over the holiday….i dont look so bad now….they look terrible….boy arent i nice!!

      My kids when i told them i went to high school with these people said boy mom you dont look so bad after all…wow……

      it takes time and yes we never do look exactly the same…i got skinny for a while but i am filling out …my cheeks are sunken but the right make up techniques work wonders…your hair will get shiny again…trust me….and yes the eyes that i wanted to bury in the sand like an ostrich also look pretty good except i would like to get rid of the fat pad that pushed out from my left eye but i figure…hey i can see…so what i will wait till i really need the bags tucked in a couple of yrs and do it all at once…..Now as far as the memory goes……thank God we lose it for a while …just maybe we will somehow some day not remember exactly the hell we went through for this long and i also find that when my tsh gets down to the three mark that my memory goes and my thinking gets foggy but it also feels that way when i am too high….. gotta find that right mark….for you!!!!!
      I know that the way i felt inside…and that is only a feeling another Graves disease person would understand… exactly how i saw my face!!!!! but actually if no one knew what i had other than my eyes….i really didnt look as bad to them as i did to myself…..
      love ya

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        Katy, please do not feel alone. Jake has experienced some of the same that you have. He now has
        chipmunk cheeks, whereas, before he had a nice shaped face. He has had
        12 eye surgeries and maybe more to come. His eyes are better than they were pre-surgery, but still not as they were before graves.
        But I love him for himself, that wonderful human being he has always been, and if he lost all his
        looks tomorrow, I’d surely love him just the same. Self esteem seems
        to suffer the most with this disease called “graves”. And I must tell you,
        Katy, I did not recognize half the people I went to school with at our 10th class reunion!
        Chin up Gal, You are BEAUTIFUL to me!!!


        ps. e-mail us if you like!

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          Last Saturday, I had my 15 yr. class reunion from High School.
          Much to my dismay, many of my former classmates did not recognize
          me. They immediately recognized my husband who went to the same school
          I came home and took a double look at the woman staring right back at me
          in the mirror. Since being diagnosed with graves two years ago and undergoing
          RAI my once lioness mane of wavy long hair is now straight with no texture and
          quite sparse. My eyes after having two surgeries are not the same. My
          nose on my face may be the only real me left. My cheekbones are sunken in.

          The doctors say my thyroid levels are normal. Has anyone else noticed this
          drastic change within themself? I suppose things could be worse. Would
          love to hear from others on this issue! –Katy

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            I registered more than once. And now I’m Hazel again. Jake — can anyone fix this please?

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              We’ll take care of this asap.

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                Amen to that! I’m tired of not knowing who I am acting like and when I look in the mirror, I ask, “Who has stolen my body and where did I go?” “Who is that in that mirror?” “Auntie Em, Auntie Em. where did I go?” “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!”

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