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      Hi everyone.
      At the savons I go to I can’t find the sensitive eye tape. I’ve been using the paper and cloth tape. Both can become sticky and take time to come off. Any other tape I can try? There’s not much selection there. Thanks.

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        Hi everyone!. I’m new to your group and have been very interested in
        the posts. Hope someone can answer my question. My husband has Graves
        Eye Disease and is experiencing lots of pain because of dryness and
        corneal abrasions. His endo suggested that he tape his eyes shut at
        night (they do not close all the way when he sleeps). He is trying
        regular scotch tape, but I was wondering if there is any other type of
        tape he should he using. Thanks for your help. Nancy D.

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          Yes there is a special tape to be used. Scotch tape has a glue that may bother his eyes even worse. Go to the drug store and buy the 1/2 inch paper first aid tape for sensitive skin. That will work better and is not as likely to bother the skin or cause irritation to the eye.

          Put the tape on the cheek first and then close the eye. Pull upon the tape and then tape it to the forhead. This works best to keep the lid closed when he sleeps.

          Funny story about lid taping. First it makes you look sexy as all get out all taped up like that. But one night when I had to tape my eyes Jan, woke me to look at something quick. Tried to open my eyes and couldn’t. Was still half asleep and tried to open them without removing the tape. Did some crazy contortions and hurt like heck. So if you need to open your eyes please remove the tape first. It will go back.


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