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      Let’s talk SUCCESS STORIES! What’s been your proudest accomplishment since your diagnosis? Have you gone back to school? Started a family? Planned your dream vacation? Run a 5K?

      We’ll share your comments at our Patient & Family Conference this June 14-17 in San Diego! We will include your screen name – unless it’s your actual name, in which case we’ll use just your initials.

      P.S. Scholarships are still available if you’d like to attend the conference – visit for details!

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        Hi Kimberly,

        Love Success Stories! Mine is already written up the Forum, and it was certainly worth the wait, as only ATD patients would understand :). But just as an add-on, I was in a car accident just before this last Christmas, hospitalized a week with a broken clavicle, two broken pelvic bones, and a small brain bleed. While there, my thyroid meds were of course continued and many times, the attending nurses would tell me that they wish they “had my vitals”. Recovery was pretty quick, all things considered, with my physiotherapist recording me on his file as a “high-functioning individual, who wishes to re-join her ballet classes”.
        Of course, all this was wonderful to hear at at that time, and especially when I think of those long, frustrating weeks/months of zeroing in on “my dose”, that I never thought I would find. The encouragement of you, and so many others on this Forum was so helpful along the way, and I’m very grateful – Thank You.

        – flora
        PS: I did rejoin my ballet classmates at the barre, this Spring!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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