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      Hi. Okay, so this ongoing battle with this graves stuff is knocking me for a loop.
      I’m not sure what to do.

      1) I’m having heart palpitations when I take my synthroid – yet I’m okay (the level?)
      2) diabetes is WAY under control (thanks to my physicians!!!(-: )
      2 1/2) BUT.. I’m having a problem with… my back. Got spasms. Its kind of funny,
      they feel like little pins going up and down the marrow of the spine, and it feels awful. THis is what I felt when I was
      hyper – or pre-hyper, but none of the doctors believe me.. oh, I should be saying this has been an on and off thing for 20 years
      and it isn’t easy.. to sit still.. in other ants in the pants with invisible ants (giggle)

      So those are my major majors…

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        Before I talk about the strange thing happening to me, here is my background info:

        RAI: April 20, 2004
        Hypo: around late Sept. (TSH=20)
        Start Levothyroid 50mcg Sept. 26th
        Start Levothyroid 75mcg Dec. 4th (TSH=28)

        Starting from several days ago, that is, 4 days after i started taking 75mcg Levothyroid, I have been sweating every might the whole night. I usually have a better time after i take levothyroid at 7am. Except for the excessive sweating, I also experienced uncomfortable heartbeat each time I woke up at the mid night. I haven’t had a good sleep for five days. I don’t sweat in the day time. Do you guys know what’s happening to me?

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          Hi thistle,

          The truth is that your thyroid hormones are not leveled off yet. And currently you are in a period where you have been hypo, but your medications are being increased in an effort to bring those levels to the normal range.

          Here’s the thing: the symptoms you are experiencing COULD be related to your treatment, and the symptoms you are experiencing may not be related to your treatment.

          Hyper AND hypo conditions can create night sweats and irregular heartbeats. The first couple of weeks on a new thyroid hormone dose can also create sort of a “see saw” period where we feel hypo one minute, and hyper the next.

          Of course, menopause can also cause night sweats, which would be a colossal coincidence, but is of course a possibility IF you are a woman in the right age group.

          Right now your body is recovering from many shifts in thyroid hormone, and LOTS of strange things may happen. If you are extremely concerned and/or the situation persists, call your doctor to get some feedback.

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            i can’t tell you why, but i had drenching night sweats on and off for months when i first went on synthroid. and heart racing, and panic attacks, and mood swings, and all kinds of unomfortable things that have all diminished over time. going from hyper to hypo and back again does such a number on the whole body that all kinds of crazy stuff happens. i keep a list of symptoms and take it to the doctor every time and ask what’s normal and what isn’t. it’s no fun hearing there’s nothing you can do but wait, but on the other hand it is a huge relief to hear that it is very common and does go away without having to do anything different.

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              Thanks for the replies! The night sweat finally stopped two days ago. I guess it has something to do with the pre-period because I found the night sweats stopped on the second day of my period. But who knows what the real reason is! I started to take 100mcg today. My condition has been greatly improved since Sept.. I’m really happy with the energetic me now.

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