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      I like to tell a few things that helped me with the itching

      1) Atarax is what a skin doctor prescribed for my itching after trying
      many other things, I used it to stop what I call none stop itching,
      was on it for about 6 months.

      2) Estrogen, without it my skin itches severely, even scalp gets like
      layers of dandruff, lose hair, my face gets chapped and red, dry
      flaky skin all over face between eyes and around nose are worse spots.
      I forget how bad my body gets while I’m using the estrogen patches,
      when I get tired of trying to convince my doctor what I need it for
      (which started out being to help with a surgical menopause problem)
      I wouldn’t dare mention any of this dandruff skin to her/him. When
      my money is short I try to go without the estrogen patches because
      I’m without insurance and a permanent job, yet. This past month I
      tried to go without the e-patches, thinking I can’t afford any extras,
      did I pay for giving in to that thought, within about 4 days back on
      estrogen patches I’m starting to look better and feel better.

      I know we are all different-I only wanted to tell you what works for me{:-)

      Take care – SueC
      p.s. Don’t laugh – the winters here in Michigan, skin gets dry and
      chapped even if your healthy, so I have to do a little extra for myself,
      like I used to do for my horses when they were real dry skinned and
      itchy, just add a little oil to your oats.

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