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    Hi Linda

    90% of graves’ disease patients are “normal” cases and respond well to conventional treatment, allowing people to soon enjoy normal living after a possibly rough period. I think most of us here are in the other 10% that have really gotten whacked by Graves’, so don’t get discouraged by some of the bleak sounding stuff you may read here.

    I would urge you to write or call the National Graves Disease Foundation (see the link to the page at the top) for more info.


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    I’m a fifth year pharmacy student who is trying to get more information
    about Grave’s disease for a 17 year old patient. She does not know what
    to expect about how the disease will affect her life in the present and
    in the future. She wants me to find out what lifestyle changes she needs
    to make, and if the disease will affect her ability to have children or
    her ability to live a normal life. Thank you very much for responding to
    my message.

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    My daughter was diagnosed with Graves Disease when she was 15 years old. It
    had gone undiagnosed for two years and she was extremely sick. I know there
    are many of you who understand what she went through better than I do.
    She was one of the unusual ones who gained weight instead of losing it.
    She also struggled and continues to struggle with feelings of un-
    attractiveness. The fact is that her eyes look beautiful again and so
    does she. The disease seems to seriosly affect a person’s self image and
    I believe only those suffering from it can remind themselves that they are
    each special to God and the people who love them. The good news is that
    after a tremendous stuggle to regain her health, finish high school, and
    to reestablish herself socially, Lisa is now a happy, 19 year old college
    student. She can expect to live a long and healthy life and even have a
    family some day. After two treatments of radioactive iodine she was able
    to be stabalized and put on synthroid. You can overcome this disease.
    I watched someone I love deeply suffer and survive. You can too!

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    why RAi on someone only 16? Why not surgery? Did your doctors tell you
    radiation was ok for someone so young? I didn’t think they gave it to children.

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