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      Hi all,

      Can’t type for snit today. Almost made the subject say “What is noraml
      to Sue and Otters” Don’t know about Sue and otters and it is none of my
      business!!OK all kidding aside. It is really up to you and the doctor
      where to keep your ranges. The funny thing about “NORMAL” ranges is that
      to make them normal some folks have to be outside the ranges to have the
      normal average out. Make Sense?? I run at the high end of “NORMAL” but
      it is where I feel better. Why should I let someone drop my meds so I
      fit into the little square that they think I should fit into if it makes
      me feel like Doo Daa. The Doc may be happy because she thinks I am where
      she want me to be to be easy to maintain. LETS HEAR IT FOR SQUARE PEGS IN

      It may take a bit more work to watch me where I feel good but I feel good!
      My doctor works with me as a team. The doctor who doesn’t is a doctor I
      used to see if you get my drift. I am not trying to come across as mister
      right wing question authority, but it is My body and My health that the doc
      is supposed to be looking after.

      Hope this helps,
      Grandfather is please with you all today

      Jake (Achgook)

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