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      I’m on antithyroid meds and beta blockers. what if i just quit?
      what do you do when you are at the very bottom?
      my family is pulling me apart and i’m so very tired.

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        Hello Wanda,
                Sorry you have so much emotional “stuff” to deal with at a time when
        you need to baby yourself for your illness. Please don’t give up. Your earlier post mentioned you were
        considering seeing a therapist — hang in there and follow through on that idea!

                I think cutting off your graves meds is likely to make the whole picture
        worse as you’d be hurting your body and leaving yourself even less energy to cope with
        the emotional stuff.

                Hang in there!

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          To Wanda and all of you here on the BB who are having problems with depression and Anxiety. Don’t give up! You will feel better. We have all felt just as you do! Talk to your endro and they can give you an anti-depressant to help you through this time! It is part of this disease and you are not alone! Better days will come!
          And what ever you do, please do not discontinue your meds without talking to your doctor! It could be very dangerous to do so!
          My heart goes out to each of you during this difficult medical time in your lives! BUT it does get better, trust me it will.
          I urge you to call your endro’s and they will help you!

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            I hope that you by “quitting” you do not mean “quitting”
            life i.e. suicide because there was a hint of that in
            your post. If you are thinking about this you need to
            go to the nearest emergency room immediately and tell them
            this. If you quit taking your medications you would certainly
            become hyperthyroid and without treatment hyperthyroidism can wreak
            havoc on your body and when your thyroid levels get extremely
            high you can have something called a thyrotoxic crisis which can
            kill you so do not stop taking your medications. Your medication WILL
            make you feel better. Unfortunately, there is a lag time between when
            you start taking them and when they kick it. Also, it can
            be hard to get the dosages right. So there is an adjustment period
            that in the words of my psychiatrist “can be hell”. Hang in there!
            I know it is so hard to convince yourself when you are at rock
            bottom that things will improve but DON’T LOSE HOPE this too shall
            pass. I am a huge advocate of getting psychiatric treatment for
            the mental manifestations of Graves so think about that as an
            Hang in there!!

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              Hi Wanda, I don’t know much about antithyroid drugs but I do know you should not stop beta blackers cold turkey. I have been on three “I” a day and have always been told when and if I am ready to go off them the dosage will be cut down gradually. I was told by doctor and pharmacist that suddenly stopping this medication could cause serious problems.

              Just this morning for the first time in years I forgot to take my morning pill. I had a phone call that my cousin has had serious heart problems and they do not know if he will make it and then had a phone call from Switzerland about dates for a relative coming to visit. I was on the phone a lot and suddenly my heart started pounding and went and looked and, no, I had not taken my beta blocker.

              When you are at the very bottom, the only way is up. I know with this disease there are days you think that will never happen and emotional stress issues definitely heighten the symptoms of this disease but one day at a time it does get better. Try and look after yourself first because if you are not getting better things around you will not get better.

              My thoughts are with you that each day brings a more positive outlook. Take care, SAS

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