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      Hello everybody,i havent been on here in a couple of month.not even to go back a few month. in april? i showed up with a TSH of 9.2,my brandnew fresh out of med school dr raised my levo from .112 to .175. i knew it was gonna kick me,so i alternated old and new levo dose for 2 weeks so i wouldnt go into orbit.right after mothersday i had this PERFECT DAY!!!!!i woke up the sun shone just for me,i had endless energy,my mood.oh my god i cant even describe it.almost euphoric.I cleaned the house ,smiled all day ect ect.well it lasted one day.I still felt so much better then the last 6 or so neuropathy was gone,i could move without pain,i had energy,memory back,mood improved,ect ect. slowly in a month time i slid into hyper.i felt it,but the symptoms were necligible.june my TSH was 0.032,he reduced levo to .150.i again alternated the dose to slide gently down Graves mountain, and crashed into a Brickwall!!!My pain level went through the roof,my neuropathy is worse then before,it takes me 4 hours in the morning to be able to on mood disendegrated and i sank very quickly back into the morass of mind is the last thing to go,the anxiety is back with a vengance, but not every day?got a call from drs office today and my TSH is only 0.05 and T3 is 110.this is different dr was only there 6 month.So the nurse said,dr wants to keep me on .150 and repeat labs in 2 month.i explained to her how badly i felt and she was very sympathetic and would speak with the dr. and call me back.i was resigned that nothing was going to change and i would just have to put up with (a couple of symptoms)as ive been told by several other drs and may be offered mental meds again.because you know its in my head.(sarcasm inserted here).Weeeell,she called me back an hour later and to my surprise the dr suggested alternating .150 and .175 my levo is being raised despite my TSH being low.Wow! First dr ever to take me seriously after i had RAI 22 years i have labwork scheduled for 6 weeks from now and we’ll see what happens.

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