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      Hey, Jake–I’m not asleep yet. Congratulations on getting the faxmodem to work. We haven’t had much luck with the fax part on two different modems.

      It’s good to have you back on board.


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        Morning Warriors,

        It is 1:20 am and I just spent the last 3 1/2 hours installing a new
        fax/modem. my old one bit the dust today. Thank the Great Spirit that Walmart is open 24 hours here and had a good price on a 33.6 modem.

        Got home around 10:00pm only to find our son trying to clean the rug. Looked like the dogs had the runs all over the liveing room. NOOOOOOPE
        That wasn’t it. Seems the little Cheribs got into our groceries we got at the store today and opened a package of chocholet pudding. One got the powder all over the rug and the other was licking it. Lovely mess!!

        Jan get the steam cleaner out (got to have one of those machines with two dogs a cat a snake and a kid) and starts to clean it up. I have the computer all apart at the same time and the dogs are running around like banshies because of the noise of the steam cleaner.

        Get the modem installed. OK we are on a roll. Start to load the software and I mistakenly pull the plug to the computer. So spend an hour tring to get the software back up. No go. Have to uninstall and start all over again. Now I am done. It’s one thirty in the AM. Everyone is assleep but me. Too wired over the darn modem. Last month the Hard drive crashed this month the modem.

        Got to love them computers!!!


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