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      Rachel you have every reason to vent! Sometimes I feel like
      throwing dishes at the wall just to ease my frustration.
      Maybe not the wall, my doctors would make good targets :-)
      And yes some people are mean, why they’re that way I’ll never
      know. Maybe it makes them feel better to make other peoples
      lives miserable. That’s what I call a warped mind!
      I hope things get better for you soon in every aspect of your life.
      My prayers are with you.


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        Well, it’s been a year or so since diagnosis, RAI, hypo funk, mental derangement, doctors who are more obstructive than helpful, treatment, stablization (or so I thought), because here I am again. Been having those old familiar feelings again…you all know the ones…the eyes, the emotions, the depression, the temper and irritability…issues everywhere, it seems. So lab time, only this time my TSH is up to 6.1!! Red flag…so up I go on my dose to .150mg…wondering how long it will take this time before I stop feeling crazy again. Yes, the dirty nails, dull troll hair, dry skin, hyper-sensitivity to sun (and I love the sun!…True leo spirit..) but both skin and eyes don’t like the after effects. I guess my float down that old river called de-nile is over…OVER! And with that comes the realization (again) that this truely is a life-long illness…And bless you Debby Jass for all the wisdom and optimism you provide, but count me into that 10% with problems even after successful treatment…(yeh, right…)

        Going thru a mediation at work with that difficult co-worker….STRESS everywhere, and me back into reacting to it all…not good. So, I try to go about my biz but the insults and behaviors are still brutal for a sensitive person, like me, who wears the heart on her sleeve…also not smart in corporate America today. I and the “witch” square off tomorrow with the boss…wish me luck.

        Then there’s the home situation. Ernie has suddenly and unexpectantly lost his job of the last 10 years…fired 6 months after being laid off for the season…no explanation, no response from the boss to multiple mesages left. Nothing! People are sooooo mean. So, financially things look dismal as I was banking on his return to work as usual…I hate his boss! Sent him a nasty letter, too….probably deranged , too…heck, I don’t even know anymore, and that’s the craziness part. So, I humbly admit to all that I’m out of whack again, appologize for emotionalism and button my lip as best as possible…Love this disease…

        Thanks for being here, letting me go on and on…it really helps, and I’ve missed your input for along time. So let me have it! Wishing you all well with yours…Rachel

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          Hi Rachel! It’s SO good to hear from you, even if you’re going through a
          tough time. I think of you often, and figured your silence meant good
          times. So, you survived phase one and you’re heading into phase two, if
          that’s what you want to call it.

          My guess is that your symptoms are kicking in again because of the enormous
          stress you’re under right now. Dealing with unpredictable situations and
          people at work would make anyone hate to face the day. Then, add the stress
          of Ernie being out of work for unknown reasons just adds fuel to the fire.
          Even without GD, you’d be uptight, irritable, and emotional. Sounds like
          you need a vacation and some good luck coming your way!

          You’re a smart, sensible person that has made it through the tough times before.
          You’ll make it through this “crisis” too. Once your new dosage of thyroid
          replacement kicks in and some of these stressful situations are resolved,
          you’ll be back to the good days of health, sunshine, and laughter.

          I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that if the ol’ peepers are starting to
          give you more problems, you need to visit your ophthalmologist again. You
          probably already have an appointment. Remember your sunglasses and lubricants.

          It’s easy for me to say, but give yourself time. It’s only been a year
          since your diagnosis. It took me several years to get a handle on my
          condition and emotions – to try to understand the hows and whys of GD. I
          still have a lot to learn, and I still have my thyroid levels checked every
          six months. Yes, Graves’ Disease is a life-long illness, but it’s
          treatable!! You have better days ahead, I just KNOW it! :)

          Wishing you health and happiness, Debby

          **All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.**

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