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      Note that the natural ‘doctor’ did not change my medication in any way. I was prescribed supplements on top of my Tapazole and Bisoprolol.

      I had blood analysis by a very well respected blood analyst today. I know not all blood analysts are good ones. (edited link – please see post below)

      If I feel this supplement helps with stabilizing levels during remission, I might try for remission a 3rd time instead of having the surgery I am waiting for. (I am only advocating trying a supplement on the advice of a professional you can trust and only in combination with your medication). I also got a supplement called Hemapro (Iron, Vitamin B’s) for low iron, low energy which she told me would help my thyroid health as well.

      She also told me to slap my thyroid on both sides in the morning to remind my body to ‘heal’ my thyroid ie. to regulate my thyroid. She has treated 4 people with Grave’s.

      So Adrenal Support might help those with Grave’s when recommended by a professional healthcare practitioner in combination with prescribed medications. I am thinking my blood levels might stabilize quicker on the adrenal support, but I am only guessing. I will have to monitor my levels with blood tests as usual.

      Other supplements I am on include cal/mag/VitD, wild salmon oil, flax seed oil, and evening primrose oil.

      Hope you are all doing okay! xoxo

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        @VanIsle Gal – Per the forum’s policy, I had to edit the link out of the above post.

        For information on the posting of links, see the “New User? Read This First!” thread in the announcements section of the forum.

        In order to promote a specific product on this forum, we would need to make sure that our Board of Directors was comfortable that the medical research indicates that it would be both safe and effective.

        I would run the suggestions from the analyst that you visited past your own doctor.

        Adrenal fatigue is a subject of some controversy in the medical community. Here is a piece from the Mayo Clinic:

        (Note on links: if you click directly on the following link, you will need to use your browser’s “back” button to return to the boards after viewing, or you will have to log back in to the forum. As an alternative, you can right-click the link and open it in a new tab or new window).

        On the slapping issue, I have never heard of this or seen any research on it. However, there is research showing that blunt trauma to the thyroid gland can potentially bring on complications such as thyroid storm and hematoma, so I would definitely suggest running this past a medical professional.

        I do wish you all the best on your path to finding healing, but keep in mind that because the GDATF is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation governed by a board of directors, we have more stringent rules here on content than other online forums.

        For other posters, when it comes to supplements, definitely make sure all your doctors are aware of all supplements you are taking. Some can be toxic if taken in too high of a dose, and others can potentially interact with prescription meds.

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          Hi VanIslegirl,

          I agree with Kimberly completely on all her comments. I’d definitely check with your endo, or some doc about some of the things you mentioned.
          From my own knowledge, I KNOW that manipulating your thyroid gland is not a good idea. Certainly not safe when you are hyper. As a matter of fact, it is very important NOT to massage or manipulate an enlarged thyroid gland. It really can promote a thyroid storm, which is a life threatening emergency.
          The incident I saw, was when the gland was quite large, and the patient was very hyperthyroid. I am not going to take the time right now, but maybe later I can find some evidence based, document studies or information about this You should also explore it yourself.

          I did try to find out the training of a blood analyst, which I have never, ever heard of, but had no success. I have worked in health care forever.
          The only thing I saw was a forensic blood splatter analyst, which is used in crime cases. That requires a four year program at an accredited university, then an application to be a forensic analyst.

          Do read the reference that Kimberly provided. Perhaps you can find a similar reference at a Canadian medical center, too.

          I suggest, too, that you ask for the lab report on your iron and Vitamin B status. You need to see it yourself, and if it is from an approved Canadian lab.

          I don’t mean to discount your plan, but it is always good to check things out with your endo, and question things yourself as well. It is possible that not all you have been advised has sound medical background.

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            Hello Vanlslegirl,

            Very interesting post. Regarding the following comment:

            VanIsleGal wrote:
            She also told me to slap my thyroid on both sides in the morning to remind my body to ‘heal’ my thyroid ie. to regulate my thyroid. She has treated 4 people with Grave’s.

            I agree with Kimberly and Shirley about being careful with manipulating the thyroid. I read some where (don’t remember where) that placing ice/hot compresses on it will make the thyroid work harder. Something that someone who is hyper does not need and something that could also be very dangerous.

            Did the natural Dr tell you how the other Graves patients are doing?

            I love flax. I eat it almost every day :)


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              Just got all your replies! Thanks! Yes I am starting to wonder about this natural ‘doctor.’ I will definitely stop hitting my thyroid on both sides to wake it up! I even told her it is awake…too awake!

              I am just talking with my mom about how I addressed Grave’s disease while in the ‘doctor’s’ office. I am pretty sure I said Grave’s disease, which shouldn’t easily be confused with hypothyroidism?

              I don’t know the status of her other Grave’s patients. I know of several people who have been helped tremendously by this natural doctor, so I had some confidence with her advice. I don’t know of a patient that she hasn’t helped. And she does muscle testing to determine what product a certain person should take and at what dose.

              Will keep everyone posted. xoxo

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                Hello again VanlsleGal,

                I was so surprised when my 1st Endo (I’m seeing another Endo now) wrote in all of my papers (on his notes) that I had HYPOthyroidsm. You can imagine my reaction when I read the papers. Hadn’t we just spent about an hour talking about my HYPERthyroid?! It can happen I guess. You might want to double check things. I left my 1st Endo (for many reasons) and I’m now seeing a 2nd Endo who so far has helped me with my hyperthyroidism.

                Natural doctors can be helpful on some things and I’m sure she has helped many people. Just make sure she can be helpful to you. Hyperthyroidism is such a complicated thing and as a GD patient you don’t need anything that can make things worst. My grandfather was a natural Dr. He helped many people too but I don’t think he was equipped to handle what I’m going through right now. He was a good man, who lived to be very old following his own advice and medicine.

                My husband and I have a friend who is seeing a natural Dr. He has hypothyroidism and the natural Dr. is helping him and he is feeling better. He has a thyroid but his #s are a little bit low. Our friend is also seeing a general Dr who monitors his #s and prescribes his medication.

                My advice, therefore, is make sure you run everything by your general Dr to make sure that nothing contradicts your current treatment.

                Please do keep us posted :)


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