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      This new Optho was so incredibly thorough with his tests compared to the other one.What amazes me is that the 1st one is head of the corneal unit at Wills Eye Hospital. Why didn’t he do these tests? Anyway, it’s now recommended that I see an Opthomalic surgeon who specializes in Graves.Another doctor,yet!! This one says he is a general Optho for my needs. He can tell me that I have some dryness,that my eyes are starting to bulge(the left more than the right)that I see double(which I know)the degree of swelling.But he is not a sur geon and that’s what I need now.My GRaves is now in the middle stage. I’m no longer just at the begining.So it took 21/2 months for double vision to advance to this degree. Sharon, do I ever need to relax now! I’m nervous about it advancing to where I can no longer see up close and have to leave my job and stop my free-lance work.How much time can I take off for doctors appointments?And on top of everything else,as I said my teeth hurt—So to the dentist I go. And I’m due this month for the Gyno and a Mamo!!!HOLY COW! Wanna know what else? I was at a murder trial today too. Yep! A friend and her daughter were murdered. I will not go into it. And,yes,I do have a cigarette hanging out of my mouth right now,cause,the heck with it!!!

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