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      HI Barb
      Its sad how people dont take this seriously. I felt the same hurt when my family<husband and mother> were tearing me apart with their viciousness. It seemed I was forgotten in the background and my heart was racing even more than usual. I kept wondering when I was going to have a heart attack.
      I wonder if it wouldnt be a good idea to let them know how you feel so they can be more supportive in the future.
      I’m sorry that your family wasnt supportive..I know that really hurts.

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        Dear Friends:}
        Well,everyone I’am well on my way that mold for my radiation is now complete,thank goodness,and it wasn’t too bad having it done either. Just kind of different thing to have done I guess. Boy,those people at the cancer hospital really know there stuff don’t
        they? Just couldn’t believe the way they operate the place,it’s just something to sit back and watch them do there stuff,it’s truly amazing to watch there amazing people.I go back up on Tuesday to see if it was measured properly,and then back up on the 20th to stay for 5treatments then home for the weekend and back for the last 5,and then done and hopefully for the better in awhile I should see the benifits I guess this is what I can expect.Boy,I tell you family can really hurt you if they want to eh everyone,I couldn’t believe it that no one even called from my family to see if I did ok up there,yet all of my husbands family called me when I got home,they p**** me off thats for sure,it hurts too,oh well can’t expect them to change I guess after all these years! have a good night everyone,little warrior Barb Jan Iwish you would e-mail me please I need to chat with you soon my dear thank-you there honey! little one

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