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      Happy Halloween!

      I seem to find spare time on Halloween so here’s an update:

      First off…total thyroidectomy is still the best thing I ever did for myself, hands down. Without it, I don’t know where I would be today. Although it is not for everyone, it absolutely changed my life.

      There IS an “other side” of Graves’ and boy is it sweet!


      FT3 2.0 (2.0-4.4)
      FT4 1.18 (.82-1.77)

      TSH 29.66H (0.450-4.500)
      TSI 535H (0-139)

      So obviously I need a small dose bump. (Change 125/112 alternate one day a week)
      I don’t feel bad at all for having a high TSH or TSI though.

      My eyes don’t hurt but I expect they would with the TSI.

      On all fronts I still contend that I have never felt better. Now maintaining a steady weight, able to eat reasonable carbs without feeling drugged, building muscle mass and shrinking the waist. All on a wheat free, soy free, Organic Vegan diet without any major side effects, symptoms, or freak outs. Hahaha!

      If I am in the throes of an autoimmune response, I sure didn’t know it until the bloodwork said so. My mental acuity is intact. I welcome stress at work and my new large tattoo healed without issue. If I am sick…..not feeling it.

      This leads me to suspect there is a pituitary issue. That dr I see Tuesday. Excited to get a scan scheduled and solve the case of the phantom TSH once and for all.

      Have a great Halloween!

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        Thanks for the positive report and the update from the “other side” of Graves’! Hope that you can get some answers on the high TSH. I met another patient in a support group who said that she actually felt best when her numbers were hypo – but of course, her doc did *not* want her to stay there! Take care!

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          Howdy Folks!

          My ft3 and ft4 have remained virtually unchanged.

          My TSI is now very low (6) and my tsh is now down to a 2.7 from 29.66.

          The wave of ” whatever ” has clearly passed. I still feel exactly the same. Weird.

          Slightly less than 2mm heterogenous mass on pituitary. My dr seems to think my hypothalamus is the real culprit given my history of exposure to blast shockwaves.

          On that note, I said no thanks to the additional brain scans and the cool wired hat….. for now. Lol

          My thyroidectomy anniversary is this month. I will always celebrate it as the day I got my freedom. :-)

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            Happy Anniversary – and thanks for the update! :)

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              Hi, AzGravesGuy!
              What a blast from the past~ So nice to have you check in!

              I relate to your anniversary date! But mine was sooooooo long ago!

              Good to bag the brain scan for now. Your decision. You can always make a different decision, about that or anything else! How empowering!

              I remain on Synthroid, always a bit of a tinker with the dose. My body wants more but my cardiologist wonders about it. I have too many “parts!”


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