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      Its good to hear from you. I am working three ten-hour days in Home Health, seeing those patients with either a primary or secondary diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder. I drive fifty miles a day, and it is hard, but at least I am with people. I was getting too isolated. The paperwork is driving me NUTS! I just don’t “get it”. Lots of Medicare and Medicaid. Like you, I need the money. I miss private practice. I miss doing what I was educated to do, but this is a small town, and I am new to the area. Oh well. I put a long post last night, and towards the end there are too many mistakes. My eyes had gotten ‘way too tired. The most embarrassing mistake is one that says something about”…those of ‘us’ who have decided to really work on our weight…” I am not part of that group, and I’m sure everyone thinks I’m a snob–but it sure sounds like it. I’ll recant, and humbly apologize, when I do the post on Redux/Phen-Phen. Keep in touch. Its always nice to hear from you.



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