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      Hi Joan! Good to hear you back on. You only have a few hundred postings to catch up on so get to work! :) hehe


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        To me. I’ve been away since before Christmas. Had a breast biopsy done
        on Dec 24th and on Christmas my mother got a blood clot in her right
        arm and was in the hospital and convalescent home with the aftermaths of
        a heart attack and potential stroke. Prognosis is not good with most of
        her heart vessels clogged at least 75% . Back of heart has no circulation
        at all. So she’s home with a beeper and a lot of paid nursing and homecare
        help. I just got home after staying nights at her house since she got
        out of the hospital. Enough tension for the rest of the year. I also
        found out my temp job is ending a month early so will be trying to find
        a new one. Whew!!! I missed you all. Bruce & Jake and everyone, what’s
        been happening folks???

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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