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      Welcome back to all our friends! Jake and I have missed hearing from everyone. Like missing an arm!! Busily getting ready for the conference on Friday! What to pack??? Hopefully we will be able to post to you while there. Remember to send us your questions you want asked(anyone who isn’t going that is). Will see you all in chat tomorrow evening!

      BIG HUGS,
      JAN PS. Hope all has been right with everyone!

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        A little note to welcome all the warriors back to the group! Jake and I have missed you all(but boy, am I getting my house in order!)HAHAHA!!
        Workin’ behind the scenes to insure a continuous run of the BB in our future and will kieep you posted as to what is happening with that.
        If we don’t have your e-mail, please send it. That way we can keep in touch should we have a relapse of the situation. E-mail to jake’s tnn account, please, as this one is almost always up and running. This will help us, help you all in a more “timely” fashion!
        Happy to see you all and happy to see our wonderful Board up and running again(looks like the viagra really works!)!! Thanks to Archie(or whom ever got us back online)!!!

        Grandfather’s Blessings,
        JAN, NGDF

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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