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      I think you are really close Kathy.
      I would just like to add that most people don’t have a thyroid level test before they have GD. So they don’t know where they were in the spectrum of euthyroidism- you know the range that constitutes your thyroid being normal. With this in mind, imagine if someone who was typically on the high side metabolism wise, say with a higher t3 or t4 reading, comes down with GD and their levels sky-rocket. Now the treatments come in and they are treated until their levels reach the lower levels of t3 or t4 in the range, and their doctor stabilizes them at that level. Now their levels are euthyroid, but much lower than they used to be before GD. Now they have weight problems, because their metabolism is different, but they are techniaclly euthyroid. The same is true if you are the opposite. I know that most endos try to stabilize GD to the lower spectrum of the range, and for someone who had a speady metabolism, they have a harder time loosing weight or not gaining weight.
      Been there done that myself. I insisted to be stabilized in the middle, to my endos disagreement, and so far so good. I have actually lost about 5 pounds and am around where I was before GD. I was also lucky to have had a T3 test in January before GD by the VA, so I knew where I needed to be in the range.

      Good Luck everyone,


        Post count: 93172

        I want to thank everyone who responded to my BB about weight gain and the possibilities of trying anything to lose the weight I had gained after RAI. I was told to try many different types of diets and found that the diabetic diet does work. I went to see a dietician and was counseled on what to eat and how much. It really works! I gained approximately thirty pounds and have lost ten of it already. I also exercise three times a week for thirty minutes. I that by spring time that I will be at my pre-Graves weight and am able to begin running as I used to. It is a big encouragement for me and I already feel much better! Thanks everyone for all your support!! Lisa :o)

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