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    Although I was diagnosed and treated for Grave’s Disease over 10 years
    ago, I still wonder what the long term affect will be on my health.

    My story is similar to all of yours – In the beginning,
    I was very, very depressed.
    I cryed every day and even considered suicide. I thought that I
    was losing my mind. My story ended with Iodine radiation pill,
    daily dosage of Synthroid,
    a divorce (my husband thought that I was making it up for
    attention), and a daily battle with my weight. Does anyone else
    have this same problem? I work out and watch what I eat, but I still
    cannot control my weight. During the time that I was treated, my weight
    was on a rollercoaster – unfortunately it stayed at the top.

    Also, I still have periods of depression. I do not know if this is
    related to having Grave’s Disease or if it is normal daily life.

    FYI- one doctor told me once to take only Synthroid, not the generic

    I would love to hear from someone who has lived with this for quite
    some time or if the people who have been recently diagnosed have
    any questions, perhaps I can give you some insight to my experiences.


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