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      Hi there i haven’t had any treatment YET! I am thinking towards the surgery to get it done and over with ! But i have gained 6 lbs the Dr said that some people get this way i hate to see what is gonna happen after !I hope that i am one of those peolpe that don’t gain any weight while on synthroid.RAI scares me i have three kids, and don’t want them around all that, i really hate feeling like a balloon even though it is only 6 lbs i am short and my norm wieght is 119 to 121 so this is a big jump for me.i don’t have the energy to exercise i just want to veg i don’t eat anymore than i usually do. i am active at work atleast i get some excerise. My kids keep telling me that i am no fun anymore and that hurts because i don’t want to be like this ! i know none of do. Thank goodness for this site it has answered alot of questions.
      seems like everytime i talk to the Dr i get all dumbfounded.That is another thing i want my memory back! well sry for going off i will make my decsion on monday i think . RAI or surgery?
      THANKS to you all.

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