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      Perhaps rare was an incorrect word. However, most of Grave’s patients treated at John Hopkins between 1988 and 1995 had weight loss, and the majority of the rest stayed the same or varied up and down. This is the info I use to make most of my statements on Grave’s symptoms. As you may know from previous postings, I have gotten a lot of info from John’s Hopkins University, via a doctor who origianlly saw me in San Antonio after my Grave’s related sky-diving accident. He provided me with about 980 pages of thyroid research documents. He also has been an intermittent contact for some of the posting that I have answered. there is no total in the documents, but I’d say there are over 1700 Grave’s disease patients documented in the research I have. I certainly didn’t mean to make other people who gained weight feel “rare.” I have a tendency of sticking my foot in my mouth

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