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      i thought i was just me. i’ve been on tapazole since last thursday and
      gained 3 lbs. there must be something to this.

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        Does anyone know?? I’ve been on Tapazole 2 l/2 months and have
        gained all the weight back that had been lost prior to diagnosis of
        Graves. Is this just my body going back to normal or an omen as to
        the possibility of having to watch my weight – something that I never
        had to worry about before. I was being asked constantly – “have you
        lost weight” so it was noticable. I know that I feel better weight
        gain and all!

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          I seem to be backwards. Like many others have noted, I gained weight
          while hyper. Must be all that insane consumption of M&M’s. However, when
          I take Tapazole, I lose weight. I also lose my brain, the ability to
          drive and I become very, very irritable. Of course, the doctor said
          Tapazole doesn’t cause these problems. This occurs with even minute doses,
          particularly after all my levels are in range except TSH.

          I’ve asked before, but does anyone know why T3 would be lower than T4.
          Everything I read says that T3 rises first. Could that be why I don’t
          tolerate Tapazole well after my T4 is normal, but T3 is low?

          I go to the doctor tomorrow if I can get off work. I’ll probably have to
          cancel because I had to take off last week when my daughter got sick.
          It’s kind of hard to justify going for what most people see as mental
          disease. All I hear is “You look great.” Am I depressed. Yes. Oh well,
          buck up, right.


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            Dear mary, When i was hyper I was hungry and developed more eating habits. As Tapazole brings my hormone levels done, i find I am not as hungry and have to curb the bad hyper eating habits. Fewer calories resist the weight gain. Good luck. Jeannette

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              I had the same reaction to PTU — my brain worked like molasses, my emotions ranged all over the charts, and I did NOT feel good. Even people on this board told me that it was simply “the disease”. It went away THE MINUTE (well practically) that I went off PTU in preparation for RAI, and it has NOT returned when I became hypothyroid, as some folks assured me it would. Not even a close approximation of these symptoms. I have NO scientific evidence for this, but I do believe that “some” people respond this way to the antithyroid meds. At least I did.

              The tendency for friends and family to tack the “you are depressed” label on you is also familiar. My best friend, a couple of weeks ago, told me how delighted she was that I was no longer depressed. “You were depressed for MONTHS, Bobbi.” I responded “I was SICK for months, with hyperthyroidism!!!” She wasn’t convinced. It is soooooo frustrating! What? Are we supposed to act “normal” when we feel like excrement, just because we don’t “look” sick??????

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                Why did you have the RAI? This may sound stupid, but lately I’ve been
                feeling pretty stupid. Were your hyperthyroid symptoms still present?
                Did you still have a racing pulse, hunger, etc.? I’ve noticed some people
                with symptoms after RAI and are still taking Tapazole and beta blockers.
                If I was hyper and it wouldn’t come down, I’d take the RAI, but I don’t
                feel bad except for this medicine.

                Except for PMS, I had no other symptoms of hyperthyroid this time. Pulse
                was fine, except when I smoke too much or get too angry. Runs
                between 65-85 bpm. When I was hyper and felt it (1994), it ran 100-135
                bpm and I felt bad.

                I only feel bad on medicine when it gets too low (i.e., when T3 and FTI
                drop near low end of range. I’m on my way to the doctor today with my
                therapist in tow. She feels that since she recommended this doctor, she
                needs to go with me to tell her how the Tapazole makes me act when I’ve
                been taking it too long. The frustration of being called a liar is
                depressing in itself.

                I’m also going to try to find out why T3 doesn’t rise first like all the
                documentation claims. T3 has not been out of normal range, unless it
                dropped too low, but it hasn’t been high.


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                  Am i to expect to gaing weight now that i am on tapazole?

                  I sure hope not


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