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      Hi everyone!

      I’ve been seeing an endo for a couple of months now. First for borderline hyperthyroidism and now blood work has me at mild hyperthyroidism. My TSH is .02, T3 6.7, T4 1.8. My physical symptoms are slightly elevated BP, my left eyelid has retracted a bit, and my thyroid is twice its normal size. I haven’t had any weight loss (some gain actually). My endo wants me to do RAI this week! I’m having a hard time processing all this and after reading studies on the Internet am really freaking out. It may sound vain but I’m mainly worried about a huge weight gain. I’ve already been struggling with my weight long before a diagnosis and can’t stand the thought of gaining a ton of weight I can’t get rid of. My doctor says that after treatment I may have to cut back a little bit but that as long as I am eating sensibly I won’t gain but I’ve read other stories of people gaining weight even if they eat like a bird. Any thoughts, experience, or support would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks much,

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        Hello and welcome – The weight issue is very individual. You will find patients on this board who did *not* gain weight with RAI…and others who have struggled with weight issues. I am on anti-thyroid drugs, and I have been in a constant battle to keep my weight down ever since I was diagnosed 6 years ago. The best thing you can do for yourself is to focus on whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods. A food journal might be helpful as well to track your intake from day to day.

        However, I think the bigger issue is making sure that RAI is the right treatment option for YOU. A great place to start researching is the two links in the “Treatment Options” thread in the announcements section at the top of this forum. They go through *all* three treatment options for hyperthyroidism (anti-thyroid drugs, radioactive iodine, and surgery), including info on the risks and benefits of each.

        We have many members here who are success stories with RAI, but it’s important to fully understand the risks and benefits before going through with treatment.

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          Dear Laurie,

          Another thing to keep in mind is that very few people who are doing just fine (in this case, had no weight problems after treatment) hop on the Internet to let the world know about it. It is almost always the very frustrated or frightened ones who are looking for “answers” – unfortunately in all the wrong places. Kimberly gave you a couple of good suggestions. Good luck.

          Take care,


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            Hi Laurie,

            One of the symptoms of my Graves’ was a big weight loss in a very short time, not that I was complaining, mind you. I hadn’t weighed 110 pounds since the 70s.
            I had RAI on July 1. 2013 and my last blood test shows that I am very hypo, so it worked like a charm and I’m happy with my decision. But, I have gained the weight back and about 10 pounds more and am now at 143. I think with me it’s less the hypo stage than it’s the “see it – eat it” habit I have fallen into. As soon as I find out if my uninterrupted sleep will last I will tackle the eating issue. Actually, I don’t mind the weight a whole lot, it beats being hyper and feeling like crap most of the time.

            I live alone since my husband passed away in November so I get bored a lot too and then I eat.
            Everyone is very different and not everyone will gain weight, specially if they have a bit more self control than I have.



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              Thanks everyone! I have decided to move forward with RAI after much research, a couple of teary conversations with my endo, and a talk with my primary care physician. I guess I’ve made peace with the fact that for me I need to take action to prevent things from getting worse and any course of action will involve changing my eating habits anyway. It is still surreal since I don’t have many outward symptoms but I have noticed this past week that I don’t need as much sleep as I used to and according to my hubby my neck is red all the time. I also find that I’m talking to myself about the pros and cons on all the options but that’s just me being nervous. Funny thing is that once I started talking about it to my friends I found out my one neighbor is hypo and and another had thyroid cancer with radiation after. I was thinking that thyroid issues aren’t common but are finding out more and more that isn’t true.

              Please wish me luck as I begin this journey. I’ll report back soon!


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                Laurie ~ I wish you tons of luck!

                For me, choosing an option & sticking w/ it was the hardest part of all this.

                And the weight gain stuff? I didn’t have RAI, but had a TT (I don’t think it’s the actual treatment option that causes the problem, I think it’s the going hypo afterward that does – in most cases anyway). I gained a little weight after my TT during the time that I was hypo. I didn’t gain a ton (about 5 lbs, maybe less)…but I was nervous about it like you are so watched how I ate, forced myself to exercise a couple of times a week, and quickly reported hypo symptoms to my dr so she could increase my Synthroid & not leave me hanging out in hypo land too long. Looking back, it’s that last thing I did that probably had the most impact. I spent very little time being super hypo, and the time that I spent mildly hypo, while longer, wasn’t that long either. Since my levels have normalized I haven’t had any issues w/ weight at all. But you know how weight is. It’s dependent on so many things – from genes, to age, to diet, to hormones – on and on.

                Just be sure to listen to your body!! :)

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