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      I have not gone through RAI, yet. I should be schedule soon for it.

      My sister (normal thyroid) who has used Fen-Phen liked it a lot. The
      only side effect she had was the first week she took it, she had
      trouble sleeping. Her body got use to the pill and her sleeping
      habits went back to normal. The doctor she went to told her to take
      only half of the dosage and slowing bring it up. That way the side
      effects won’t be as bad. Before she starting taking Fen-Phen she
      weighted about 180 pounds and now she weights around 135. It took
      her about 8 months to lose the weight.

      I think your right not everyone is made to take Fen-Phen. It effects
      each person differently. My advise is to try it and see if it works
      for you.

      Good luck. I’m probably right behind in the gaining more weight.

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        Just came from endo appt. re: gain of over 50 lbs since RAI. He still maintains that it is normal and will stabilize when (if?) the replacement hormone is within range. On my own I started a diet three months ago that averages 1200 to max 1500 cal a day. In addition I exercise 30 minutes per day, plus I have other physical activity that I have always done. I am becoming more than concerned over the weight, since it is affecting my knees and back. He suggests Fen-Phen, but friends who arfe on it have really weird side effects. I really don’t think it’s my diet; what are other people’s experiences?

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          Its been 8 months after RAI and I have also gained around 40 lbs. I am hypo now and on synthyroid, still on beta blockers. Just recently was diagnozed with severe arthritus in the spine at the neck level, can’t help but wonder if the RAI had anything to do with such a dramatic change. If you back hurts, have the doctor check for arthritus. Let me know if you’ve found a way to lose weight. Nothing fits me! UGH!!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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