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      Hey Bruce,

      You’re two hours ahead of me right now. Three hours when DST starts. (We don’t change our clocks.)
      So 4pm here. I’ll see you there! :-D


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        Ok everyone, we’re on for the Wednesday chat session! It will be in conf_1 on the server.

        For those of us easily confused (hehe) I’ll repeat the times- 6 Pacific, 7 mountain, 8 central, and 9 eastern time. Sorry Caroline, never can remember what time it is out there in Hawaii! :)

        Anyone else interested in getting on, see the instructions accessable from the home page. The chat software is also available there for download.


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          Hi Bruce.
          I guess Wednesdays are it eh? I will definately be there if I don’t go to Line
          Dancing Lessons. They go on for 10 weeks so when that is over I will be
          there with bells on!!
          I really enjoy those sessions. It is almost like meeting our friends
          on the BB in person. By the way I am on Dianne’s Homepage now!
          I e-mailed her my story last night.
          Guess that makes me famous eh? :-)
          Lynn from Toronto

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            Will try to join, but have the now “famous” America On-Line and it is virtually impossible to sign on in the evening.

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              I tryed this…do not understand the directions…i think i type in
              the right thing but it does not connect…i will try again tomorrow…
              any hints???

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                All you do is get a copy of mIRC. A newer one if possible (4.62)
                Then load it up. Add a NEW server to your list, the settings as follows:

                Desciption: Support-Group
                IRC Server:
                Port(s): 6667,7000
                Group and Password are unimportant.

                Then click OK, and then Click CONNECT.

                This should get you on the Support-Group Server. If it does not. E-Mail me by clicking on my Name Above and tell me the Error you are receiving. Good luck.


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