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      OK. I’m posting the list here, rather than in email.

      One of the first, and best, sites I found, that has links to a variety of other thyroid-related sites is the site for the Canadian Thyroid Association (if I’ve got that name correct).

      Then, there was a very helpful page, that I understand is done by a medical student. It had clear write-ups on various aspects of Graves. It was still “in process” the last time I visited it, so there may be even more now.

      Healthtouch has information on thyroid, including “Resources for help with Thyroid Problems”. These pages are sponsored by Medical Strategies, Inc.

      I haven’t tried this one, but I’m told that it gets you to the thyroid section of Yahoo’s search engine, and has links to about six other sites:

      Some additional sites, posted by Robert Tait on are:

      The American Thyroid Association: This was put together by a woman named Paula Ehler, and according to Robert Tait has a lot of links to sites re Graves and other thyroid problems.

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