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      A followup to my warning 2 days ago:

      As some of you know, I am still trying to find my optimal dose of T3.
      This has not been as easy as I would have hoped. Yesterday I took a low
      dose with grapefruit juice and noticed a significant increase in absorption.
      By the end of the day there was slight, but noticeable swelling around
      my eyes. (I have never had such swelling before, especially not in the
      inside corners of my eyes!) I hope it goes away soon!

      Learn from my personal experience (experiment!):
      With it you may be getting a dose 10 times what you should be. Worse, it is a
      completely uncontrolled test: your effective dose may be anywhere from 1 to 10
      times what it should be.

      (Parenthetically, the time-release aspect of the medicine was improved.)

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        Thanks for the information concerning grape juice. I was drinking grape juice for the iron. Now I understand why I have swollen ankles, hands, arms, etc.
        Again thank you!

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