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      Don’t worry, all will work out someway, somehow.

      Now for some interesting facts:

      Silk is good for GDer’s. Got that from my Mother who got it from a magazine on health (Japanese)
      Well, it is supposed to help keep you nice and toasty.

      Some other information:
      from magazine and some from Television:

      Not all of those skinny girls are skinny (lean muscle mass). A lot have fat. That made My day!
      So, the next time you see a “skinny looking girl” think again, she maay have more fat than you or I do!

      Okay, onto Kim Chee. Koreans and South East asians like eating this stuff. Supposed to be beneficial in some way. Have to find more info on it.
      Chamomile and Bran are tow substances that are supposed to be good for warming the body up. Place them in a clothe bag and let it soke some before taking a plunge in the

      Another trick: Use Onion skins or Orange peelings to sooth skin. My Mother says it works! (and she’s 70!!!)

      Okay, that’s all for now. Going to Market to find some interesting stuff,
      See Ya!

      P.S. HAve a Safe Valentine’s Day

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