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    Good Morning all,

    Just wanted to take a moment to keep you abreast of what’s new. Nancy
    is at a meeting of endos this week and she took about 300 to 400 posts with
    to show the Doctors that we are really trying to help each other and not
    using this forum to spread false hope, or “doctor bash”. I for one think we
    are doing one hell of a job of educating newly diagnosed and folks who have
    had GD for awhile. I know I have learned a tremendous amount looking up
    answers to your questions. We have invited a large number of medical folks
    and others to read the BB. The doctors are not posting answers due to possible
    liability (just my guess) but they are reading what we have to say and what
    we are asking questions about. The NGDF is a layperson organization who tries
    to educate the person with GD, their family and the medical community to our
    problems and needs.

    I do get messages from folks who only read the BB but do not post for what-
    ever reason. So far all have been positive and they have said the BB has been
    most helpful in what they were trying to find out. I know I have laughed, cryed
    and been inspired by what I have read here. I have also found support where none
    existed before and thats what this BB is for. The NGDF is starting to show up
    in more publications and it is giving us more visibility and more folks are
    looking in at the BB. Keep up the good work, watch name brands, and using doctor’s
    names in a negative light.

    Tonight is also the on-line chat meeting. Hope to see you there.

    Jake George
    Facilitator on-line
    Support Group

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