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      As an “outsider” (a.k.a one who doesn’t have graves), I feel an urge to
      place this post on the BB. This being my first time attending the
      conference, I was not sure what to expect. I had some preconceived
      notions of going to meetings, sitting and listening to guest lecturers
      yak at you for an hour and a half about whatever, then listen to people
      relay their stories about their battle. It would be alright but not
      enough to knock your socks off.

      Four years ago I had a simular experience attending my wifes family
      reunion. Not knowing what to expect..I went. Her relatives welcomed me
      with open arms and treated me like I had been one of the family for

      This conference is not unlike the reunion. The people my wife and I met
      treated us like we had known each other for years. As Friday turned
      into Saturday then Sunday, the “conference” seemed to take on more of a
      “reunion” atmosphere. By time Sunday afternoon arrived we weren’t
      saying goodbye to friends and acquaintences but promises made to a
      “family” to reunite once again next year.

      For those of you, who may have just been diagnosed with Graves or if you
      (or your significant other) have some apprehension to attend a
      conference about a disease. I urge you to show them this post and
      invite you all to try and attend next years “reunion”.

      One of the most important things I learned about this weekend is that
      even though I don’t have graves, I’m still affected by the disease and
      with the help and support of my “new” family, everything will turn out
      all right.

      My thanks go out to Nancy, Bonnie, Peggy, Pat and all the support group
      leaders who gave of themselves endlessly.

      Mark Penlington
      (Hubby to LynnthePB)

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        Can someone tell me the purpose of a TSI Blood test and what abnormal values mean. My endo did this test and said it was a way to determine for sure if I had Graves’ or if it was something else. Now I’m not so sure he was telling me the whole answer. He now suspects I may have a pituitary problem instead of Graves’. I’m confused as to what the TSI test is really for. Thanks

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