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      Recently diagnosed with suspected Graves Disease…was managing okay, awaiting my Sept 13. first Endocrinologist appointment, until I got a tetanus booster on Monday. Wednesday night I went to bed at 930 and awoke at 11pm with a racing heart. Called an ambulance and was rushed to emergency…Resting heart rate reached almost 200bpm. BP at 174/78 T4 high, TSH and potassium very low. Stabilized on 50mg of metoprolol and 8 giant potassium pills over a 1 hr period. Prescribed 25mg metoprolol twice a day and potassium once a day. Friday morning 8 am same thing, awoke with a racing heart (only got into the 160s this time), and bp dropped to 80/48 in ambulance. Stabilized with 50mg metoprolol and prescribed 50mg twice a day. Heart rate consistently under 90 since but feeling like a zombie: insomnia, extreme fatigue and drowsiness, no appetite, can’t concentrate. Has anyone else had a reaction post vaccine? Has anyone had a similar experience with Beta Blockers? And, do these symptoms eventually lessen, as I’ve been told?

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        Hello – I’m not familiar with that specific issue occurring after a tetanus shot, but this link will allow you to report a reaction. This process is managed by the U.S. FDA and Centers for Disease Control – and the data is used to spot potential vaccine issues.

        The 200 bpm must have been terrifying. Hopefully, your endocrinologist is in the loop, is monitoring your levels accordingly, and is having a discussion with you about treatment options – instead of the ER staff trying to get you stabilized and sending you out the door!

        This piece from Mayo Clinic on beta blockers might also be worth a read – any chance you are also dealing with diabetes?

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