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      Has anyone been on tapazole for over a year and experienced a slight
      choking sensation or need for constant swallowing to clear this sensation?
      Could it be a maxed out amount of Tapazole, you’re being affected by? or a
      transformation into a HYPOthyroid state? or What ???? please respond!
      Thanks, Monifa

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        if you can fine my peice on taking pills
        i cant swallow them anymore i have to
        crush my meds in water because i will
        choke, dont no why? but i do, so your
        not alone yes swallowing pills and
        food or sometimes a problem with me
        thanks ,steve

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          Yes, I’ve noticed this sensation. I think it’s from the drug because it’s
          not coated or anything. I only get that sensation from uncoated drugs, like
          Tapazole and my generic Inderal and Bentyl. Just drink plenty of water.
          It’s always a good idea to do so when taking medication, anyway…


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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