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      Lynn, it is not just you. Whenever I call my MD it takes them all day to call back. I started at an endo 2 weeks ago, had blood done last week, was told to call the automated systemt to get lab results, but he never gave me an access code. I call the office, the receptionist says” I have no idea what you’re talking about” and transfers me to a phone that no one answers. I am still waiting for a call back from 9AM.
      Dont ever feel alone.


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        lynne — I understand. Finally got in to see an Endo and he was great! I was so excited!!! Isn’t that sad? (I should be able to expect him to be great)
        *pat, pat* I hope you feel better soon.

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          Iam on T 45 mg a day and Atenolol 100 mg. Saturday this past week I had insomnia till Sunday at 5:00 am I was wired. this is while on the medication.

          I had terrible leg muscle spasms both legs. So I called the fellow on call for the insomnia oh yes also the crying spell. Like someone had died… Nothing was going on emotionally the fellow then blamed
          everything on women’s emotions.

          About the spasms I called the pharmacy about the meds. They said see your doctor as soon as you can. So this morning
          I call where the doctor is at……. He told the lady to take the info. I call 15 -30 minutes later.. She hasn’t told him YET!! I told her I was off the meds like he said
          to do. I said do I take them or not.. She said wait till after lunch that was at 10:00 In the meantime the doctor gets wind of
          all this and calls me and says: “Call me back at your convenience” So I figure it is urgent…

          I have been calling all day.. The office workers and the nurse who works for him keep telling me that he will call me back…

          I am feeling weak and my heart is pounding.. Well, I just got a call from the doctor.. He wants to see me tomorrow…

          And I asked him what do you say when it is urgent.. He said I will tell you call me back immediately…

          And tell them to come and get me….

          That is what was wrong..

          For another doctor.. Call me back at your convenience means it is urgent call first chance you get..

          And my doctor this means it is okay… Just call back..

          And I felt put off by the staff… he said he doesn’t mind me calling…

          So now I understand what he means…

          I am taking the meds and seeing him tomorrow…


          Anyone experience anything similar…

          Support would be greatly appreciated…

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            I was in a similar situation trying to get my doc. It seem the staff in the office thought they were medical trained. They felt they could tell me how to take my medication…they made me call for 2 days while I was waiting to hear what I should do about my medication…..they said “we haven’t discussed that yet”…who is we?????? —the secetary???? So finally on the second day I call back as they say to….they put me on hold for 5 min. and then said….’you’re calling in regards to?” That was it!!!!!!!!
            Went back to my medical doc….till I found another endo. Needless to say that doc called my answering machine for several days afterwards…of course I never returned her calls…..yet she talked to my medical doc…and thought there was a problem in the office….but she willing to talk to me about it and realized my blood levels were abnormal….I would need attetion immediately…………………Well what did they think I was calling for in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Take care

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