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      Hi Annette Marie:

      I remember taking my atomic cocktail and thinking “is this it?”
      I was forced to take 5 days off of work because we had a pregnancy
      epidemic that year. The first week I felt just tired and then
      I had a sore throat. It wasn’t the usual soreness with an infection
      it was internal. Then about two-three weeks after RAI I felt
      fantastic. I thought that I was cured. I felt really good for
      about two weeks then I started going Hypo. I thought that I was
      going to die. I had all the symptoms, hair loss, depression,
      dry skin, fatigue etc… At 8 weeks I was put on thyroid
      replacement and started feeling better. It takes a while to
      adjust your replacement hormone as your thyroid continues to die,
      so you may need several adjustments.

      One of the most important points is that everyone I mean, EVERYONE
      is different. Your experience may be completely different than mine.
      I hope this helps..


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        Hello everyone,

        I had my I123 this morning. I will do an uptake and scan tomorrow. Also had a pregnancy test done
        because of the I131 to be done this week. I was told by the
        radiology tech that I only need to be out of commission for three days.
        That I can either have the I131 done tomorrow and then take three days off or
        I can have it done on friday. I think friday is better because then I can be only off one day.. Or now
        that I think of it would I rather be off the first few days during the week
        so I can get a dr if I need one.

        Can anyone tell me what it felt like when they had RAI done in the first few
        weeks after treatment.

        Annette Marie

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          I had RAI on June 24-certainly easy to swallow a pill-although there were certainly
          lots of emotions going on though. A few days later, I had a sore throat
          and my thyroid became swollen and hard. The unusual part of the sore
          throat? If I coughed, it hurt in the FRONT (inside) as opposed
          to the back(as with a cold). Mood swings for sure, enough so that I have
          started seeing a therapist. I thought I was getting past the “surge and dump” and
          was actually starting to feel a bit better, then WHAMMO!! Last Thursday, my thyroid
          seemed to go through another death rattle-swelling up again-although not
          as much as last time, and I went through another bout of hyper! That one kind of caught
          me off guard, but luckily, with sick days and vacation time added to my disability, I
          have been able to stay out of work through this period. I have a return visit
          to the endo on Thursday, which I’m sure will give me a better idea where I stand. But it
          has been ok-overall. And as everyone says, it’s individual.
          Good luck,

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            Does anybody know about this? I read about it and scared myself silly. What is it – Do you know when it is happening to you? Can it be prevented – Are there certain people or conditions that make someone more prone to having this happen? Thank you for your reply’s.

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              Hi Michelle.
              Thyroid storm can occur if you have toxic levels of thyroid hormone in your blood (Thyrotoxicosis). It can occur in those who have not yet been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and yes it can be fatal. The symptoms, as found in the Taber’s Medical Dictionary, are; fever, sweating, tachycardia [heart beat above 100 beats every minute], pulmonary edema [fluid build up in the lungs] or congestive heart failure. I am no expert, only a nursing student, but I thought this information that we have learned might help. The doctor that diagnosed my Grave’s disease told me that I was severly thyrotoxic but I believe I was placed on antithyroid soon enough that I did not experience this. I remember that day that I went to the doctor. I had just went to lunch and was just sitting there and my heart began to race like crazy! I immediatley went straight to the doctor. I believe I was begining to show the signs of thyroid storm but I was glad to miss that one! There are other times that a thyroid storm can occur but I’m not sure about those. I hope someone can add to this for you! Meme

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                Thyroid storm is a complication possible for anyone who is hyperthyroid — like those of us with Graves’ Disease. From the MERCK MANUAL OF MEDICAL INFORMATION (p. 707): “Thyroid storm, sudden extreme overactivity of the thyroid gland, may produce fever, extreme weakness and loss of muscle, restlessness, mood swings, confusion, altered consciousness (even coma), and an enlarged liver with mild jaundice. THYROID STORM IS A LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCY REQUIRING PROMPT TREATMENT. Severe strain on the heart can lead to a life-threatening irregular heart-beat (arrhythmia) and shock. Thyroid storm is generally caused by untreated or inadequately treated hyperthyroidism and can be triggered by infection, trauma, surgery, poorly controlled diabetes, fear, pregnancy or labor, discontinuance of thyroid medication, or other stresses.”

                So the general idea is that to avoid the possibility, we need to get good, and immediate treatment, once it is determined that we are hyperthyroid. Otherwise, any unexpected major stress could possibly trigger it.

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                  Can RAI cause thyroid storm?

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                    I read where that can happen and that’s why they’ll put you on beta-blockers to kind of guard against that but I think the article said that it’s kind of rare for it to happen at all.

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