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      My TT was 2 weeks ago yesterday;

      I decided on the TT primarily to deal with several “suspicious” nodules. After the procedure my surgeon referred to my thyroid as “nasty” and commented that it was over due to come out. On 8/16/13 he called and told me the final pathology showed “no evidence of cancer”…Thank God.

      In addition to the nodules I’ve had a history of “sub-clinical” hyperthyroidism (low TSH & normal T3 & T4) and antibodies (TRAB) were positive for Graves’. While I’ve had several hypER symptoms that have gotten worse in the past year or so, I think there were even more that I was writing off as part of getting older.

      My calcium levels were good when tested at the hospital the night of surgery. I was not on ANY meds prior to surgery. I started Synthroid on 8/16/13 and so far so good…I’m shocked that I’ve not forgotten to take a pill yet.

      I was scheduled to go back to work on 9/4/13 but I talked my surgeon into letting me go back today. I was getting to the point where I couldn’t sleep at night because I wasn’t doing anything but napping & watching movies…then I started shopping every day for back to school stuff for my kiddos…so yeah its best that I’m back at work.

      Other than a few “healing” pains in the incision area I feel great! I’m cautiously optimistic that this will continue.

      I’ll keep you posted.

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        Hi JCC. Welcome. Glad to hear you’re coming along so well after TT. I agree that the more rest you get, the better the long term outcome. Many of us felt well at first and then had dips or inconsistencies in energy level and mood as the stored hormone disappears and you’re relying totally on the synthetic. It’s a process that can take months to find that ideal dose.

        I wish you the best!


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          Thanks for the udpate! Be patient with yourself on the return to work…we’ve had members here go back half days or work a short week to start with. Your body has been through a major upheaval, so be sure to listen if it’s sending signals that you need a rest!

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            Hi, JCC–

            Welcome to the Post TT Club here! :)

            I went back to work after a week and then had to take time off a bit later because it was too much too soon, but hopefully you’ll do fine. Definitely get a lot of rest when you can, though.

            Hope you continue to have a smooth recovery and keep in touch!


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              Hi JCC,

              Thank you for your update. I will be attempting to return to work just over a week post TT, so your information was very helpful.

              Please keep the updates coming and take care!!


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                I can’t believe I’m 4 weeks post TT already!

                I’m still feeling really good other than last Thursday afternoon/evening. I left work for a dental appointment and I was on EDGE for no real reason, my heart rate & blood pressure were up all afternoon (I don’t have specific numbers but I could feel it) and I was VERY irritable/emotional. Instead of going back to work after my appointment I went home and didn’t have a great rest of the day, but I made myself some tea, took a bath, watched some mindless TV and got through the evening. Friday was better, but I was a bit tired. Since then, I feel good.

                I have my first appointment with an Ophthalmologist this Thursday. I have had vision troubles since I was a kid but have never been to an Ophthalmologist. I was surprised to read that my ENDO noted that I had “mild Graves’ eye disease”. I’m not sure what lead her to write that (other than I have big eyes…but I’ve ALWAYS had big, not bulging blue eyes) but I figured better to get checked and establish a relationship with a good Dr. just in case.

                My post-op ENDO appt. is not until 10/1, I’m really curious to see what my numbers are. I don’t know what “normal” feels like but I find it interesting that several people have commented on how much “calmer” I am now – lol. Maybe that is just from having 2.5 weeks off of work – who knows?

                I plan on snooping around here at the TED posts to get an idea of what I should be asking the Ophthalmologist this week.

                I’ll Keep you posted.

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