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      Thanks for the info on your eyes David. My inferior rectus muscles are also the ones affected in both eyes. The surgery got me real close but the right eye still wanders around giving me some double vision most of the time. Think its about as close as we’re gonna get with it. Am seeing the surgeon for a follow up next week.

      Good luck! Bruce

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        Its been a few weeks since I posted on the BB. Dec 12 I went to DUKE
        University Medical Eye Center to see Dr.Edward Buckley, neuro-opthal-
        mologist and strabismus specialist. After a long and extensive
        evaluation (the best/worst I have ever had) he had the same advice as
        my doctor here (Richmond,Va.).
        I have downward gaze double vision. Surgery #1 corrected primary gaze
        ddvv, but left me with downward gaze ddvv. Surgery #2 to correct it was
        not successful. My ddvv begins about 15 degrees below center and the
        further down I look the more my eyes seperate. Nothing more can be done
        to my offending eye (right). The inferior rectus muscle is the affected
        muscle, attacked by the Grave’s Disease. Prisms will not help; too much
        So the alternative is to tie back the corresponding muscle in my good
        eye to gain a balance in both eyes when I look down. Extreme downward gaze
        will always double up, but if I can gain about 30% more free space I
        will be much better off.
        I know my eyes will never be the same. And I have tried other alternative
        medicines/therapies/nutrition…We always have to work harder to do what
        we use to do w/o thinking. Makes me appreciate the things about me that
        still do work. NGDF has been a help to me in the process.

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          hope your surgery was successful!

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            Hi all. My thyroidectomy is scheduled for August 8. I’m a bit nervous, never having been in the hospital before. Meeting with the surgeon was really good–he has done between 30 and 40 of these in the last year. I’m looking forward to a 10-day trip with my husband prior to surgery. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my mind off it. I’m so glad you guys are here. It’s wonderful to have people who know what I’m going through. Thanks for all your encouragement so far!

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