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      Morning warriors,

      Got my support-group e-mail back up and running again. Had 172 messages in it. Got it chopped down to 42 left to answer last night. We have been busy trying to get the net back on line. The web browsers are getting closer. I tried to connect to this morning and noticed it went to the new server but still could not find the page. That is a minor fix now. Getting the browsers to look for us on a new domain was the hard part.

      It just takes some fine tuning now. The NGDF homepage should be up soon too. I will be making major changes to the look of the NGDF home page in the near future.

      As for HMO’s!!! I received an e-mail at work that the open season for health care provider selection will soon be here. Guess What???????

      All HMO’s and PPO’s have pulled out as providers to the Government Employees. Seem’s Clinton’s patient bill of rights was too costly for them to keep in the running. Clinton said any health care provider who will provide health care to Government employees must ensure that mental health received the same benefits as basic health care. In other words no more “only 75% coverage” when other things are covered at 100% and such. There were other changes too that the HMO’s and PPO’s did not want to contend with. I found that very interesting. Will post a longer message latter when I have time to digest the e-mail and look at the proposed differences. Oh yea the price is going up a big percentage too. So much of a cost of living raise.

      Well break time is over,


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