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      You didn’t mention how your Graves is being treated. If you’re on some kind of treatment that slows down your thyroid, it’s really easy to gain weight (I gained 20 pounds in the first 3 months on anti-thyroid drugs.)

      I think to lose weight with Graves you just have to do the same things you normally would (watch what you eat, exercise), but you’ll have to work harder about it. There’s a website ( where they have a bulletin board or something about losing weight when hypothyroid. You might try there.

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        Hi Sue
        I’m in the same boat as you. I”m hyper and before I was diagnosed I lost weight like crazy. When I found out I could eat anything I wanted and not gain a pound I did just that. After being on beta blockers and ATDS a couple of weeks I soon found out I could no longer eat like that. So here I am readjusting to my normal healthy eating habits and am staying the same weight now. I am resuming my execise routine now on days that I feel ok.
        Life has to go on and I fully intend to make best use of the good days when I get them.
        Best wishes,

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          I have graves disease and have put on quite a bit
          of weight. I was under the impression that with
          graves diease this was not a problem that you
          would have weight loss instead. Is there anyone
          else out there who has this problem. Can anyone
          help me with information on how to effectively
          reach my ideal weight with graves disease.

          Any help would be appreciated.

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            Hi, frustrating isn’t it?!!! I was diagnosed two years ago and have been on PTU since. I have gained 15+ pounds, however I do have quite an appetite with the Graves. I don’t know if I eat more out of nerves or what. I find taking B6 helps because I do seem to retain water. I also notice I have little muscle tone. I am having my thyroid removed on Tuesday and I’m sure it will then be a whole new game. Another suggestion is to stay away from white flour and white sugar. I think these two things make me gain weight. Any more questions?

            Good luck!

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              Just wanted to be a witness for this weight gain issue. I just got diagnosed 1 month ago. Gained approximately 25 lbs over the last 18-24 months. You CAN gain weight. My doctor said its because my appetite has increased SO much. With a smile he said, probably without the Graves it would have been 50 lbs.

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                Hi Barb,
                I just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one that
                has gained weight. However, it isn’t necessarily overeating
                that causes the gain.
                I went undiagnosed for years and had a fear
                of gaining weight as I was hungry every hour. So,
                I kept eating less and less. After determining that
                I had GD the Endo sent me to a nurtitionist. She
                theorized that my body, needing more food because of
                being in the hyper stage, thougt I was starving
                due to the fact I kept eating less. The less I ate
                the more I gained. I put on 70 lbs. before getting
                help and seeing a nutritionist.
                You CAN gain weight being hyper and it does not mean
                that you ate too much. If I stick with all the food
                she tells me to eat (which is quite a bit), I lose.
                See a nutritionist. Your Endo should be able to suggest
                a good one that knows how to deal with GD.
                Take care and God bless,

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